Giant Love Children's Book

Giant Love is the celebrated children's book from Andy Savage. This fully illustrated book is a unique resource for parents to help their children understand God's Giant Love. Your kids will be captivated by the story of a little boy who faces the giants of sin and consequence only to discover there is another Giant, the biggest one of all who saves the day! The discussion guide included in this book will help parents lead the way in some of the most important conversations one can have with their child. Every child needs to know about God's Giant Love. Our prayer is to see this book help you guide your children into a relationship with Jesus Christ. This book will also serve as a keepsake marking the date of your child's decision to trust Christ and his or her first steps in the Christian life.

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Hero Handbook

This devotional book engages men in the process of becoming the hero God intended them to be. This journey is designed to stretch you spiritually and challenge you practically. Don’t quit. Stay with it and watch God transform your life. Whether you are short or tall, young or old, single or married, God wants to expand the five character traits of biblical manhood in you so that you can fulfill your role as a hero in this world.

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#7000Days Growth Chart - On Sale!

Don't miss an inch of your child's growth. With the 7000Days Growth

Chart, you can mark your child's height all throughout their 7000Days in your home. Mark them all on one chart or get one for each child! Either way, you will always cherish the special reminder of the time they spent in your home.

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Giant Love Coloring Book - FREE

Give your kids a fun way to experience God's Giant Love. This coloring book features key images from the Giant Love book for your child to color and make their own. Simply download and print as often as you like for a little colorful fun with Giant Love.

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Wholehearted Field Manual - FREE

This study is designed to get to the heart of wholehearted pursuit of God’s purposes. Are you wholehearted in your commitment to the purposes of God? I believe the life story of Joshua and specifically his leadership of the Israelites into the Promised Land is a case study in wholehearted commitment to God’s purposes. This “field manual” gives you the opportunity to study the entire book of Joshua in a way that helps you marry wholehearted commitment with the clear, Biblical purposes of God. I think we can all admit that it is our tendency is to limit the work of God in our lives either by our half-hearted commitment to His purposes or by abandoning His purposes all together.

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