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Every episode is full of Biblical truth, practical wisdom and a little humor to give you the tools to make your home a little better place. The Andy Savage Show brings you interviews with some of the brightest minds and strongest leaders in the world or marriage and parenting from across our nation. 

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Friends of the Andy Savage Show

The Andy Savage Show brings you some of the leading voices in marriage, parenting and family life from around the nation. Enjoy their wisdom and share the episodes with your friends!

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Meg Meeker, M.D.       Chris and Karin
Dr. Kevin Leman       Shaunti Feldhahn


 Gary Thomas       Amanda Savage


 Bill and Pam Farrel        John Rosemond


 Tim and Darcy
      Brian Housman


Clayton King       Justin and Trisha


Michelle Myers 
  Jase Robertson

Bob Willumsen   Scott Kedersha
 Matt May   Elissa Roberts 


 Craig Gyergyo   Mark Merrill 
    Ted Lowe 


 Ron Deal   John G. Miller 
 Jonathan Merritt   Brady Weldon 


 Courtney P. Allen    


 Brian Hoover   Dave Edwards 


 Sue Parker   Braxton Brady 


 Tommy Nelson   Kennon Vaughan 
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