Andy’s personal mission statement is, “Making God make sense, starting at home then everywhere else.” Whether Andy is teaching, writing or relationship coaching, Andy strives to live out his life’s passion of creatively communicating God’s truth in a way that connects with people where they are. Serving as the Teaching Pastor at Highpoint Church, Andy teaches every Sunday at one of its two campuses and is the lead visionary for marriage, parenting and family life ministry.

A native Memphian, Andy is a graduate of Houston High School and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Memphis, followed by a Master’s Degree in Christian Studies from Union University. Andy began his life in ministry after his freshman year of college, serving first as a Youth Pastor at StoneBridge Church in The Woodlands, Texas and then locally as the Pastor of College students and Young Singles at Germantown Baptist Church.

After starting Metro Bible Study in 2000 – an influential gathering of young singles across the Mid-South – he stepped out in faith in 2002, teaming up with Chris Conlee, to help launch a new and dynamic community of believers in the heart of Memphis: Highpoint Church. In addition to his duties at Highpoint, Andy is a national speaker, the author of multiple books, and host of the Andy Savage Radio Show & podcast. As a proud parent of a child with Down syndrome, Andy is also very involved in local organizations that support special needs and positive family values.

Next to his greatest accomplishment of marrying his lovely wife, Amanda, Andy is the proud father of their five boys: Drew, Cooper, Wesley, Ford and Joshua. Andy enjoys time at home with his family, great espresso, and has a mild addiction to CrossFit. Learn more about Andy on his website andysavage.com.

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Andy's second son, Cooper, was born with Down syndrome. Andy and Amanda are now passionate advocates in the Down syndrome and special needs community. Down syndrome was an unexpected disappointment that through God's grace has become an unexpected blessing. To learn more about Cooper's Story, watch here.

My Testimony

My Life before Christ…

I was born and raised in Memphis, TN the second of four children in a Christian home where I was introduced to the stories of the Bible and Jesus from as far back as I remember. Throughout my childhood years our family was a typical church attending family. I was blessed to have parents who modeled for me a high value for marriage and family. In fact, our home is where I received the most positive influence. It was our home where the truths of God were introduced and modeled. I thank God for allowing me to have parents who provided loving discipline and as a result helped me avoid much of the struggles many of my friends encountered.

How I became a Christian…

When I was 10 years old my parents sent me off to summer camp with our church. There I heard the Gospel story of how God sent His one and only Son to fix what was wrong in me. I realized I was a sinner and needed forgiveness. God showed me His love by sending Jesus to die on the cross for the sins I had committed – He took the punishment I deserved – making things right between God and me. I realized that day that I needed Jesus to come into my life and change me from the inside out. A minister from the church named Frank Drinkard took time to explain everything to me so I could understand it and he led me through a prayer of trusting Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. That night my life changed. I didn’t know everything about God or the Bible but I knew enough. I knew God loved me enough to save me from my sins. I received God’s forgiveness that day and was baptized shortly after.

My new life in Christ…

Later when I entered high school, I realized what it meant to have a growing relationship with Jesus. I began to learn about the Bible and apply what I learned to my daily life. My Christian life has been a journey where I have experienced the blessings of being faithful to God and the self-imposed struggles from my own sinful choices. Those experiences have served as opportunities to help me understand the ongoing forgiveness, grace and loving discipline of God. Many of those lessons I cherish because they have forced me to depend on God more and more. Through the process of dealing with my own failures and shortcomings I recognized that God is truly a God of grace for a lifetime. When we place our faith in Him we are not only forgiven of our past but given grace for our future as well.

I am now married and blessed by my wife, Amanda. She is a godly woman who has been used by God to teach me many things and shape my faith in Christ. We are blessed to have four boys; Drew, Cooper, Wesley and Ford each are a blessing from God and have influenced me to love and give glory to God.

One of the greatest lessons I have received in life came through my son Cooper. He was born in early 2007 with Down syndrome. The news of his special needs was one of the most difficult moments in our lives. He faced many physical challenges, which required over 5 weeks at Lebonheur Children’s hospital. Once Cooper came home the reality set in that we have a special needs child. One night I had gotten up for a middle of the night feeding and had nearly reached a breaking point emotionally. The burden of now being a “special need family,” the reality of all the additional expense and the unknown of what life would be like with him all overwhelmed me. As I rocked Cooper to sleep, with these thoughts heavy on my mind, looking at his sweet face, I received a clear word from God… “Andy, this is how I see you. You have special needs. You cost me a fortune and offer me nothing, but I love you and I gave my life for you.” This was a huge turning point in my life. God was showing me through my son how much He loves us all. Every time we rank and measure people we are missing God’s point of view. God has a deep love for all those willing to admit they have “special needs.”

It is my life passion – to make God make sense. I want to help people see how God fits into real life. I think deep down we all know that we need a Savior. I pray that through my life and my story that God will help people find a Savior in Jesus.

2 Corinthians 5:21 “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.”

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