It's Fun to Pretend

I wonder how many people could use God's help today? I mean that seriously. Sure, we all say we need God, but few of us truly seek God's involvement in our everyday lives...including me. Why does it feel so hard to seek God? I believe it is because we have all become masters of pretending...pretending that we have our lives together, pretending we are better than we are, pretending that everything is "OK." The problem is, everything is not "OK." Everyone I know faces something big, a challenge that has no apparent solution. Some face devastating issues of illness or death. Others face career, financial or relationship struggles that seem to loom over their lives. Many are parents that desperately want something for their children. In light of all this, we do the stupidest thing. We pretend.

There is a very subtle and very dangerous lie that swirls all around us. This lie is at the core of our efforts to pretend. It's the lie of image. This lie causes us to work very hard to look impressive, even if things are falling apart all over our lives. The instinctive response to the daily question, "How's it going?," is the word "fine," which is often the furthest thing from the truth.

I get it, no one wants to hear your sob story all day...that is true; however, God not only wants to hear it - He begs you to share it with Him (by the way, He already knows!). Proverbs 28:26 says,"Whoever trusts in his own mind is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom will be delivered." We all want to be delivered from the struggles we face, yet most of us make the same bad decisions over and over. We trust in our own mind instead of seeking God's widsom. Why? Because no one wants to admit to being a fool. This is the key step in receiving God's wisdom in your life.Instead of pretending that we are better than we are, we should admit the truth about who we are. We ALL have flaws in our thinking. We ALL have areas of foolishness in our lives. We ALL need wisdom. Our primary concern should be a distrust of ourselves. We should boldly admit that we are not wise, smart, cunning or savvy.

Instead, we are foolish and in need of wisdom. This is downright offensive to a culture like ours that measures worth by test scores, annual reviews and points on the scoreboard. When we can finally admit the truth about ourselves, we can live in the freedom of not trying to figure everything out on our own. Instead, we can enjoy a life of dependence on God's wisdom to guide us. That is when we begin to see big changes in our lives.

Try something different today. Get a few minutes alone and pray for the sole purpose of denying your own mind's desires. Take the variety of challenges you are facing in life and admit to God that you need His wisdom. Admit you have blind spots, weaknesses, biases, improper motives, bad attitudes and an arrogance that make you want to trust self more than God. When you approach God this way, I believe you will see God deposit His wisdom in the space formerly occupied by your flawed and foolish thinking. Until we evacuate flawed and foolish thinking, we will not experience God's wisdom.

I hope this makes sense!

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