Are You Satisfied?

The last 5 weeks at Highpoint Church I’ve been teaching the Satisfied series. The whole point of this series was to tackle the Christian perspective on money head-on. Honestly, sermons on money are usually the series to avoid. If you wanna know the truth - most pastors want to avoid them too! However, teaching this series has reminded me that most of us have a very unhealthy relationship with money and need a regular reminder to put money, and for that matter God, in their appropriate place in our lives. I would encourage you to take the time to watch the series in full here but I thought I’d include a list of the highlights of the series here.  I pray these principles challenge you and help you find your satisfaction in God alone! 

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Week 1: 
Bottom line: God is never really concerned about your money, He is concerned about your satisfaction.
There is often a gap between our good intentions and our follow through - especially in the world of generosity & giving.
When we trust God as the ultimate Provider we can freely give.
To excel in the grace of giving we must first excel in giving ourselves first to the Lord.
Until you first give yourself to The Lord your giving only makes you resentful.
If you are not satisfied in God your giving is NOT cheerful - you lack the "overflowing joy.”

Week 2:
Bottom line: You can’t be satisfied in God until you settle the tug-of-war in your soul between God and money.
Your hang ups w/Tithing likely represents a resistance to giving at all vs. a concern over “good theology.”
When it comes to giving-don't be accidental & don't be average. Decide in advance the percentage you wish to invest in God's work.
Master systematic, percentage based giving long before you give spontaneously.
Systematic giving keeps your emotions, inconsistency & opinion from robbing your regular investment in God’s kingdom! 
The New Testament ethic for generosity is “ministry-focused, systematic, percentage based giving.”

Week 3:
Bottom line: Our giving to God is always proportional to our trust in God.
The rich gave large amounts but small percentage.
The poor widow gave a small amount but a huge percentage.
The richer you get the more intentional you have to be to depend on God more than money.
Priority and Percentage giving is the absolute most intentional way we practically depend on God more than money.
There is something we learn through poverty that is very hard to learn in our wealth - deep dependence on God.

Week 4:
Bottom line: You were meant to enjoy wealth, but never to build your life on it.
Arrogance is the attitude that robs us of generosity. 
When we stop trying to find ultimate satisfaction in our wealth we can actually rest in the confidence that God is our Provider. 
It’s ok to have money. Enjoy it. Be grateful for it. Remember where it comes from and don’t forget to share. 
We are all tempted to place our mind’s attention and heart’s affection on money.
God’s plan is that we enjoy things without allowing them to become a false foundation for our lives.

Week 5
Bottom Line: Giving is not a question of how little can be sown, but how much can be reaped.
God intends for us to look at giving through the lens of sowing and reaping.
Giving is an expectation for Christians as much as prayer, loving your neighbor, sharing your faith or learning God’s word.
Sowing means we must believe in what we can’t see.
Reaping means seeing what we believed in.
Giving is ALWAYS about results. 

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